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While it is up to the individual General Practitioner’s own billing principles, our Medical Practice is predominantly a private billing Practice.
The following consultation fees are to be used as a guide only.



Level A – small consult – $55 ((medicare rebate available)

Level B – standard consult – $92 ((medicare rebate available)

Level C – long consult – $162 ((medicare rebate available)

Telephone Consultation – $92 ((medicare rebate available)

SATURDAY Standard Consultation is $102 ((medicare rebate available)


The following discounts apply (on a Standard Consultation)

Children up to the age of 16 – $72

Aged Pension Card Holders – $72



When booking an appointment, please ensure you advise the reception of the following, at the BEGINNING of the conversation:

  • What day you would like the appointment?
  • Which Doctor you would like to see?
  • How many appointments are required (1 for each family member)?
  • If you require a standard or long appointment.

 This helps find the most suitable time for an appointment and also minimises waiting times.


Please be advised that for all new patients, we require an initial long consultation.

This enables us to be able to take a complete history of you, to ensure the best care possible.

New patient consultations involve:

  1. History Taking
  2. Examination
  3. Investigation
  4. Management

We also ask that if you have two or more new issues/requests, you make a long consultation to ensure you get all your concerns aired in one consultation.


We DO NOT accept script or referral requests over the phone or email. These requests require an appointment. 


Home Visits are at the discretion of our Doctor’s availabilities and the severity of the condition.


We do not take on any new Nursing Home patients.


Important Note: Our Practice sends out SMS Reminders for all appointments (if you have a valid mobile number), which you can confirm or cancel, by simply replying YES or NO to the text message.


As we do everything in our power to help you remember your appointments, we charge a Did Not Attend fee of $40.00 if you do not provide us with a minimum of 2 hours’ notice. We understand that unexpected things happen but a phone call is always appreciated. This also applies to Telephone Consultations.



It has come to our attention that parents/guardians/carers are attending consultations on behalf of their children/partners.

Patients must attend consultations, for medico-legal and billing purposes. This includes scripts, referrals, discussions, paperwork, etc. 

If you attend a consultation without the person you wish to discuss, you will be turned away and told to re-book with the patient in question. 


Other Services include:

Workcover Consultations (standard) – $89

Commercial Drivers Licence – $160

Biopsies – $140

Skin Checks (long consult)– $155

Implanon Insertions/Removals $142

Iron Infusions $185

Recreational Dive Medicals $160

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